Translations of Splitwise are made possible by our volunteer translators. We are tremendously grateful for their hard work and enthusiasm for Splitwise. It’s an honor to work with them; we’re so excited to be making Splitwise more accessible in their communities.

Below are the names and online identities of our volunteer translators who wished to be thanked publicly for their effort. To join the Splitwise Volunteer Translator Program just fill out this short form

Brazilian Portuguese:

Willian Beneducci


Wouter ter Keurs

Paul van Voorst

Arnaud De Moyer

European Portuguese:

André Lamelas

José Carlos Ferreira


Pauline Clavelloux

Anthony Da Mota

Lucas Zibung


Sebastian Paul

Martin Zürn

Christoph Klemann


Francesco Merlino

Giuseppe Criscione

Livia Mazzotti

Davide Zuccotti