Splitwise Supports International Currencies

Hello, world! At long last, Splitwise supports non-$ currencies from within our interface. We support €, £, ¥, and even the ₹ symbol for INR. This can be set on a per “apartment” basis, so that if you use Splitwise for travel, you can set your trips to use a different currency.

If you would like to help us translate Splitwise into your local language, or if we don’t yet support your country/currency, please email us at contact@splitwise.com. We really want to support everyone, everywhere, but we need your help to do it, because hiring translators is expensive, and this is a free service after all. 

One small issue is that we don’t have full support yet for inputting numbers with commas and periods in every combination. Please report if you have any problems at all, especially entering numbers in your local method, and we’ll try to support those preferences as soon as we are able.

We also want make keeping track of travel in local currencies (and currency conversion) part of our main feature set. That way, when you are backpacking (or commuting) around Europe or Asia, you can keep track of debts in multiple currencies and pay each other back in your local currency.

One question we are sometimes asked – will you start charging money for this service? It’s been speculated on several blogs that we will, and we are flattered that our design and professionalism suggests that the service is worth your hard earned money. But no, we have no plans at present to start charging for the basic Splitwise app. While we do plan to put in ads some day, we have no plans to start charging for the current functionality (but might offer some new premium services in the future).

Thanks for using Splitwise while we are in beta, and being patient while we improve it. Our next big development cycle will probably take a few months, but we still welcome more feedback to guide us as we go through it.

Published by

Jon Bittner

Splitwise helps you and your friends keep track of shared expenses, so that bills (and friends) get paid on time.

One thought on “Splitwise Supports International Currencies”

  1. I recently started using SplitWise. It appears to be good. I used to be a BillMonk user and BillMonk was able to send email notifications everytime a shared expense was added. For example, if user A adds a shared expense with user B, then user B would get email about the new expense. Does SplitWise has similar functionality? If not, adding this would be very useful.

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