Living Alone Is Overrated

I think that many Americans share a similar mythology about roommates – it’s a challenge that happens in college, or in your 20s, on the quest of growing up. Part of this myth is the horrors that must be overcome to save money. The often-discussed issues of dirty dishes, loud noises, and unpaid bills lead us to think that the only way to be civilized is to escape from shared dwellings as soon as possible.

While not everyone makes a good roommate, sharing living space with good people can make you so much happier. I found this article by Leilani Clark a heartwarming story about how her new housemates cook, brew and grow things together, and how it cured the loneliness she felt after a divorce. (I found the article via a google alert).Living alone seems simpler than sharing, but according to psychological research cited by Clark, it’s not necessarily healthier. Clark explains how she personally thought she wanted to live alone, only to find that she felt increasingly isolated and that she felt no one would know if she disappeared. Give the article a read if you are thinking about moving back in with roommates.

Here at Splitwise, we believe that many roommate problems are solvable just by making things easier to organize and discuss. If dealing with rent and bills and shared furniture is a source of stress for you, Splitwise’s web and mobile apps can make it a lot easier to deal with. We hope that we can help many more people discover how social and fun living with roommates can be.

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Jon Bittner

Splitwise helps you and your friends keep track of shared expenses, so that bills (and friends) get paid on time.

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