Welcome, Marshall

Splitwise is very excited to welcome Marshall Weir to our team in Cambridge, MA. Marshall is a mobile development ninja and server/UX dude, with previous experience building and engineering beautiful things at Mobiata. We met him through some singing friends and he’s not a bad singer himself.

Marshall is sitting next to me, right now, programming a first pass at a rewrite of our the mobile user interface. Our mobile apps could definitely use some more attention since launch, so he couldn’t have joined at a better time. But more importantly to us, Marshall is a UX-thinker, back-end hacker, bill-sharing enthusiast, and lover of good mobile products who is fun to hang out with.

It’s hard to overstate our enthusiasm for having Marshall on board. For instance, Ryan is very happy to have a teammate who understands how to write a proper SQL query. And Jon is excited to have another person he can ask about how to write a proper SQL query.

With luck, it will be only a few months (or perhaps weeks) before the delicious aroma of our fresh-baked mobile apps reaches your nostrils and/or thumbs.

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Jon Bittner

Splitwise helps you and your friends keep track of shared expenses, so that bills (and friends) get paid on time.

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