Splitwise Launches “Adorable Kitten”: Android App, PayPal, More!

Adorable Kitten
Splitwise is not just for roommates anymore. Adorable Kitten includes a new Android app, redesigned website, and PayPal integration. Split costs easily with any friend!

Today Splitwise is launching a major update to all of the “Splitwise” apps, on Android, iPhone and on our website. We’ve code-named this beta version “Adorable Kitten”.

While Splitwise has always been the best way to track roommate expenses, Adorable Kitten makes Splitwise the best way to split any bill or IOU. Now, you can create “friendships” and split a bill with any subset of friends – which is useful for group travel, bachelor or bachelorette parties, spotting a friend $20, and many more situations.

To make Adorable Kitten even more awesome, we’ve released a slick new Android app to keep up with our majorly redesigned website, which for the first time today integrates free P2P PayPal payments.

Main screen of the new Android app

The Splitwise iPhone app has allowed you to create one-on-one friendships and IOUs since April, but we know that a big fraction of our users are Android fans – including me. We’re so excited to finally provide a rocking Android app with the same slick user-interface and features as the iPhone, including the ability to split with any ad-hoc group of friends.

Available today on the website are also free P2P payments via PayPal, as well as many other new features. We’re very excited about PayPal integration, because for the first time, you can create bills and IOUs, track a running balance, and then repay the balance all from within the Splitwise interface!

Here’s a short and incomplete summary of all the goodies we’ve added since we started showing preview versions of Adorable back in April (iPhone) and July (web):

Initiate a PayPal payment from inside Splitwise
  • Split costs with any set of friends in your address book
  • Add private IOUs with any friend
  • Pay back via Paypal (free with a bank account; Splitwise adds no fees)
  • Navigate the website without reloading the page
  • Itemize expenses like grocery trips
  • Attach a picture of a receipt to a bill
  • Export to PDF and CSV
  • Quick-add with a built in preview
  • Import from BillMonk
  • View a dashboard of all friendships and groups
  • Get notified with every new bill or payment (opt-in)
  • Monitor recent changes to your account
PayPal exit page
Complete your payment securely on PayPal’s site

Over the next few weeks, we hope to write a few more blog posts showcasing some of the cooler new features.

We know there is much more we can do to make Splitwise even better, and we appreciate your support and feedback as we work our way through beta testing. Our user forum is humming with ideas, so tune in there for the latest progress on popularly-requested features.

Some features may be rough around the edges, and if so, we apologize! We’ll be working hard this week to iron out any kinks with the launch. Give us public suggestions on our Uservoice forum, or email us with any problems at support@splitwise.com.

Thanks for joining us throughout our beta, and for being a wonderful and passionate group of users. We love hearing from you, and it’s an ongoing pleasure making this app for the community and for ourselves.

– Jon, Ryan, Marshall, and Nellie

Published by

Jon Bittner

Splitwise helps you and your friends keep track of shared expenses, so that bills (and friends) get paid on time.

7 thoughts on “Splitwise Launches “Adorable Kitten”: Android App, PayPal, More!”

  1. “Split costs with any set of friends in your address book” – this is a really great feature! Now, how about implementing it with different currencies, so it can be used when we’re on vacation? That way, our expenses can be in euros, or pounds, but the payback can be in your local currency. I’d like this on the site, as well as on any app. Thanks.

  2. Thanks @Stephen! I agree that is a sweet feature idea – I’ve personally wanted to do automatic currency conversion on the fly since about October of 2011.

    If you don’t mind, could you post that suggestion in our Uservoice forum at http://splt.ws/splitwisefeedback? That way, people can vote for and discuss it along with other great requests for features people want to see in Splitwise. This helps us so much because we can prioritize in a more democratic way – plus, it keeps things organized for us.

    Thanks a ton for your patience and I’m glad you like the new release!

  3. Awesome job guys! Especially loved the sleek interface! Keep up the good work. Splitwise is the solution I am looking for several weeks now to simplify my flat expenses.

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