Window Issues

When it comes to living spaces windows can be both a blessing and a curse. You’ve either got no light, too much light or noise when it comes to some window pains (pun intended). 

Dear Splitwise,

I have a room in a 3 bedroom apartment that doesn’t have any normal windows but has a skylight. The other two rooms have large windows but face a fairly loud street. What do you think the the rent differential for this would be?

Painful Windows

Hey Painful,

That personally sounds like a no-win situation when it comes to the windows in your place. You’re either getting up at the crack of dawn with that skylight, or you’re constantly being accosted by noise in the other 2 rooms. Are you sure you want to live here? If so, you can plug your info into our rent calculator.

I’d put skylight room windows as a “normal window”. I say this because it is a window, and some people don’t have an issue with getting up when the sun rises (unlike myself). It’s strictly a personal preference. Input the other two rooms in the calculator as “Bad sound isolation”. When I put the rent into our calculator as a 3 bedroom apt at a $1,000.00 a month rent and it comes out to be like this:

Room #1 $327.89
Room #2 $327.89
Room #3 $344.22 (skylight room)

Now I obviously don’t know your rent, and there are some other amenities you can put in there that will adjust the amount per room; but our rent calculator is a good way to show your roommates what everyone’s fair share of rent would be. My personal advice is to invest in some sun blocking film to give you the option of sleeping in every once and awhile.


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