Because Settling Up Should Feel Really Good

It already feels pretty freaking great to pay your friends back, and Splitwise has just added a web feature that makes settling up even more satisfying.

You and Adorable Kitten are all settled up. Doesn't it feel good?

Now, when you’re completely settled up in a friendship, the page will display a fat green check mark instead of a past expenses sheet. All your old expenses are just a click away, but now they won’t crowd your screen- you’ll just see a beautiful check mark that quickly, clearly tells you you’re all settled up in that particular friendship.

See just the expenses that affect your current balance

When you add new expenses with that friend, the check mark will go away and the expense list generated will only show expenses added since the last settle up happened (ie. just the expenses that affect your current balance with that friend). We know that’s how you think about your outstanding balances with friends, and we’re excited to bring you this more intuitive and streamlined way of viewing expenses.   

Not only is this a sweet new feature that we hope you’ll love- it’s a reflection of our fundamental beliefs that sharing money with friends is awesome, and paying them back should be both easy and delightful. We hope you see that big green check mark and shout ‘wahoo’- you’re all settled up, and that’s really cool.

As always, please let us know what you think of the new feature. And please do note that it’s only available on web right now.

Published by

Zoe Chaves

Product Manager at Splitwise.

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