More ‘Split Unequally’ Options Added to Android

For the past 15 months, improving the Android app has been a huge focus for our entire engineering team.

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve made another step towards feature parity: Splitwise for Android now offers split by exact amounts, percentages, shares, and adjustment. That’s one more ‘split unequally’ option than iPhone (which lacks split by adjustment still) and just one less than the website (we’ll probably never bring itemization to mobile, sorry!). We really love our Android community and feel awesome about finally offering them this functionality.

Splitwise for Android v 3.3.8 also includes a better integration with our help desk provider. Now, when you write out an email to our support team your text will be scanned for ‘common questions’. If it looks like your query could be answered by one of our existing knowledge base articles, you’ll be shown that article. You may, of course, still submit your email if you need further assistance. We love to hear from users and try to respond quickly and thoroughly.

Published by

Zoe Chaves

Product Manager at Splitwise.

2 thoughts on “More ‘Split Unequally’ Options Added to Android”

  1. I start to use Splitwise few weeks ago, but if i try to login in any 3rd party WP app then i got a gray “page you’re looking for doesn’t exit / go back / contact us” page. Is it the appmakers’ fault or the API isn’t working?

  2. Hmmm .. no WP devs have gotten in touch with us about the API not working well. You’ve tried all 3 of the WP apps?

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