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This site is part advice column, part development blog. We mostly post original content about fairness and sharing easily with roommates, friends, and travel companions. Our content often appears on Forbes or BostInno and has also appeared on MSNBC and AskMen.com. Splitwise.com is our main project – a platform for tracking relational finance. It’s currently in beta, and we are tweaking and adding features aggressively, which we will also write about here.

Our Mission

Splitwise’s mission is to make shared living and travel easier by providing neutral advice, fair judgement, and simplified expense sharing through web-based tools, calculators, and blog content like you see here.

It started with Jon’s rent-splitting calculator: a simple tool for determining what’s fair when dividing up the rent for an apartment. Eventually, though, we realized that what we wanted was a way to keep track of all kinds of expenses that are shared: rent, bills, travel IOUs, and other random transactions. It seemed like everyone we knew had their own way of tracking debts, with notes on the refrigerator and complicated Excel spreadsheets. There had to be a better solution.

And so we built Splitwise – our humble attempt to solve the problem of managing household and other shared expenses. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and we look forward to improving Splitwise in the months and years to come.

Special Thanks
It’s a lot of work to write a blog, as it turns out! Special thanks to the following editors and contributors.

Elizabeth Petrik
Max Blum
Rebecca Blum
Benjamin Schenker

17 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great website…I have a suggestion for another interactive tool that allows users to decide what to spent our tax $’s on. Maybe you could identify 10 categories (military, social services, ….) that the user could select the % of the federal budget that they would like to allocate the $’s to….just an idea.

  2. Is there a way to actually sync your splitwise account with the billing side of each utility provider? It would be great to have splitwise immediately notify you of what your 1/7th split of the elictric is via email (because electric changes every month.) This could happen for every bill automatically. But from what i’m seeing with Splitwise is its all manually entered in correct?

  3. Hi Jon,
    I’m having trouble splitting a 2-bed, 1-bath apartment between 3 people.
    How much should each person pay if one is living in the living room?
    The rent is $1800, all utilities included.
    The rooms are equal in size and the bathroom and kitchen are all in the living room, so the person living in the common area must tolerate occasional disruption in privacy.

  4. Hi team, I appreciate your efforts to bring up a proper money splitting site. But I have lot of issues with it.
    First, I never signed up for split wise yet some how my friends can record transactions with me.
    Second, after sign up, when those transactions were deleted, it does not get reflected in my account. As a result me and my friend have an uneven dashboard record against each other, ie, it is different when viewed from each account.
    I believe you tried to retain the friend list/name when people try to import the transaction list from bill monk for the purpose of reference and history. But to enable registering new transactions under those friends who have not joined splitwise should not be allowed.

  5. Great effort on the Splitwise program guys! – Especially the recent overhaul!
    Another big add on feature that would make this website and the android app perfect is the ability to hold a shared room mate calendar. I.e who is home and when – and who is working / out for dinner and when.
    Keep up the great work.

  6. Hello team,

    What are your plans to upgrade the app for iPhone ? And is there a plan for the iPad ?

    Currently we cannot do the same functionality from the website (like splitting a bill in %) with the App.

    Keep up the good work ! Thanks

  7. Hi all,

    Its really great website, everyday new things getting added, great improvements, but it should have been fairly simple, looks like it is getting complex to sort out different things. It merges different groups and persons, divides owes differently among people and groups. I hope it gets simpler, I like splitwise, I would hate going back to excel sheet… :(…

    Anyways, thanks for the great service you guys provide.

  8. Hi,

    I am rather new to SplitWise and love the intuitive interface. However, is there a way to download all expenses in an excel sheet? Would be a great help as we are transitioning from maintaining accounts on Google docs and not all of us have been regularly adding expenses on SplitWise yet.


  9. how come the expenses dont sync between me and my friends account. We all sign up and installed the app on each phones

  10. Hi Splitwise team,
    Its really a good thought which you guys experienced and built the tool as it is. Its really helpful for the people who are sharing their expenses where they need. But here i have experienced one problem with the tool that there is no restriction policy in this site that people who are there in the group have chance to edit/delete the expenses shared by others. Also i could see one of the options in settings that we get the mail alert if anyone edit/deletes the expenses, but seems its not working. Please check on this and implement the restriction policy for others to modify/delete. Thanks a lot for your contribution and efforts on this tool

  11. My friends do not see or get notifications when i add a bill or create a group .. How do i do that?

  12. is there a way to add multiple amounts to the same person ? say out of 30$, one person owes (2/3 parts) 20$ and one person owes (1/3 part) 10$.

  13. Hi! If I added bills in different currencies, is there a way to convert the debts to the same currency?


  14. How do I know that the other person actually paid “x” amount to the “owed” sum ? Payee/System should require proof of such payment (transfer capture, check copy, etc.). Did I miss something?

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