Giving Helpful Feedback To Awesome Developers

How do you give useful feedback to a coworker who is solving a technical problem outside of your area of expertise? This issue surfaces in all kinds of highly skilled work, from design to engineering to finance to basic science. It’s also highly relevant for technical and non-technical founders of a software start-up. Continue reading Giving Helpful Feedback To Awesome Developers

Homeowners: Have A Spare Bedroom?

There are many reasons that a family or individual would choose not rent out spare bedrooms in their house. A homeowner might have a desire for more privacy, a fear of having bad tenants, or a need to keep a guest room free (perhaps because they have adult children who use them periodically).

But for many homeowners and empty-nest-ers, the primary reason there are spare bedrooms in their house is because they didn’t go to trouble of looking for renters.

The Ann Arbor Home Share program is looking to change that. It hooks up University of Michigan renters with local homeowners interested in finding tenants. This is a fantastic idea, because students and young professionals often face a scarcity of good housing resources, and homeowners can improve their retirement finances or keep their large houses with the help of the additional income. So many more cities could use this kind of forward-thinking leadership.

We have heard from people using Splitwise that our site is great for this managing and organizing this sort of arrangement. One user wrote to us recently:

“I have been using your system for about a month and love it! I am leasing rooms in the house I own…”

Non-traditional as it may be, we’re so happy to see Splitwise helps makes it easier for people to share space and live in rental harmony together.

A Round-up On Roommates

With the financial crisis still fresh on our minds and wallets, sharing costs and being thrifty has become increasingly important for many people around the world. Several US newspapers wrote stories this week about how having roommates is often part the solution to dealing with a tough economy.

Splitwise is on the record with a colorful quote in the Forbes story: Continue reading A Round-up On Roommates

Living Alone Is Overrated

I think that many Americans share a similar mythology about roommates – it’s a challenge that happens in college, or in your 20s, on the quest of growing up. Part of this myth is the horrors that must be overcome to save money. The often-discussed issues of dirty dishes, loud noises, and unpaid bills lead us to think that the only way to be civilized is to escape from shared dwellings as soon as possible.

While not everyone makes a good roommate, sharing living space with good people can make you so much happier. I found this article by Leilani Clark a heartwarming story about how her new housemates cook, brew and grow things together, and how it cured the loneliness she felt after a divorce. (I found the article via a google alert). Continue reading Living Alone Is Overrated

When Things Go Super-Wrong: Roommates and The Law

Here at Splitwise, we are focused on simplicity, ease-of-use, and trust. If you owe your roommates money,  you can use our service to keep track of that. If you want to figure out how much they should owe you, we offer fairness calculators and blog content. If you want to settle a dispute using us as your mediator, you can email Dear Splitwise.

But sometimes, things get a little more complicated then friends settling debts. For instance: your roommate broke the lease and the landlord is coming after you for the money. Or say the landlord won’t do anything about the broken toilet which is rapidly making your apartment unusable. In times like these, what you need is legal advice, not fairness advice.  Continue reading When Things Go Super-Wrong: Roommates and The Law