Splitwise and Zapier: Turn emails into expenses, and more!

We’re excited to announce that Splitwise is now supported by Zapier. This makes it easy to connect Splitwise to the other services you love, and automate certain workflows.

Splitwise is supported as both a trigger and an action: New expenses can cause things to happen on other platforms (see Add Trello tasks for new Splitwise expenses), and new expenses can be created automatically after things happen on other platforms (see Create Splitwise expenses for new Google Sheets rows).    

Below is an in-depth how-to for my favorite Zap: How to turn email receipts into Splitwise expenses automatically. 

Many thanks to our friends over at Zapier, who built this integration using the Splitwise API.


My shared household runs on Amazon Prime and Splitwise: I buy everything from cleaning supplies to curtains from the e-commerce giant, and then manually add the amounts to Splitwise. Amazon email receipts are an important part of this flow: They arrive seconds after I’ve checked out, and I leave them unread until I’ve added a matching Splitwise expense.  

With Zapier I can automate this workflow so that every time I receive an email receipt from Amazon, a matching expense is created in Splitwise with the group / friend of my choosing. Of course you can do this for any email-sending merchant you love, from Seamless to Target.

You’ll need:

  1. A Splitwise account (free)
  2. A Parser account with 1 Mailbox (free)
  3. A Zapier account (free)
  4. Any regular email account that offers email forwarding (Gmail does this and is free)

Let’s go! Check out my how-to video or read the below instructions. 


  1. Forward an old Amazon email receipt to your new Parser Mailbox. Create a template based on that forwarded email: Highlight “Amazon.com” and name that field “Description”, and highlight the number beneath “Shipment total”, naming that “Cost”.


  1. Start setting up the Parser+Splitwise Zap in Zapier (official Zap name is “Create Splitwise expenses from new parsed emails”).
  2. On the “Set Up Splitwise Expense” page in Zapier, you’ll need to specify which field from your email template should be interpreted as the expense description, and which should be interpreted as the expense cost. Select “Parse output cost” for expense cost and “Parse output description” for description.
  3. Select the Splitwise group / friend you want to share all future Amazon expenses with.
  4. After clicking “Continue” go take a look at your Splitwise account – you should see a new expense that matches the email you forwarded in step 1. It should be paid by you and split equally amongst all participants.
  5. If everything looks good in Splitwise, return to Zapier and turn the Zap on.


  1. Visit your main inbox and set up rule-based email forwarding so that all emails from ship-confirm@amazon.com get forwarded to your Parser Mailbox. This will ensure all future Amazon emails get turned into expenses automatically.

Repeat for every merchant you use frequently.

Published by

Zoe Chaves

Product Manager at Splitwise.

6 thoughts on “Splitwise and Zapier: Turn emails into expenses, and more!”

  1. It would be really nice if the “Create expense” action supported also the possibility so specify some other expense details such as “Date”, or “Paid by” fields.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback! I’d encourage you to send this note to support@zapier.com; their team built / maintains the integration so they’d be in the best position to act on your suggestion. Our API does support date and payer input so if the Zapier team decides to add this, they should be all set from a technical standpoint. Cheers!

      1. Hey Zoe, it’s me again, as proposed by Zapier team, I’m trying to extending Zapier App with a custom app but I’m stuck with Splitwise API documentation. Maybe you or someone from your dev team can help me (please let me know if this is not the right place to discuss such topic). At the moment I’ve some issues understanding the create_expense method:


        Which parameter allows to pass the “Paid by” information? By the way, it would be really nice to have into the documentation a short example about how to fill all the fields supported by each method.

        Thank you again!

        Best regards

    2. Hi there, I am looking to do the same – would you consider sharing your custom extension? Also, it would be really nice to automatically create payments in Splitwise from emails as well. I took a quick look at this, but am not much of a programmer so it is a bit out of my depth.

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