Paytm integration fixed: please update both Android apps [Paytm v6.4.0 causes a bug in the Splitwise+Paytm integration]

Update 12/2: The glitch is fully fixed. Please update to the newest Paytm (6.4.1 or higher) and Splitwise (4.1.14 or higher) apps from the Play Store to re-enable the integration.

Update 12/1: The glitch has been fixed and Paytm and Splitwise have started rolling out app updates that fix and re-enable the integration. These will be widely available over the next couple days. Once you have upgraded to both Paytm 6.4.1 and Splitwise 4.1.14, the integration will be automatically re-enabled.

Update 11/30: Potentially affected users were contacted via email by Splitwise support with instructions.

On November 24, 2017 Paytm released an Android update (v6.4.0) that causes a glitch in the Splitwise+Paytm integration. We have alerted Paytm to the issue and both companies will work quickly towards a resolution.

The integration has been disabled for now and will be re-enabled when we’re confident everything is working as expected. We will post here with more information as it becomes available.

A small number of users who settled up with Paytm in the last few days (since upgrading to Paytm v6.4.0) may not have a matching payment in their Splitwise ledger. Users who are potentially affected will be have been personally contacted via email as of by Splitwise by end of day Thursday, Nov 30 (IST).

For now, users who still want to settle Splitwise balances using Paytm may do the following:

  1. Launch Paytm to send money to a friend directly.
  2. Launch Splitwise and use our “record a cash payment” feature to record a matching payment in Splitwise. You may use the notes field to indicate the funds were actually sent via Paytm.

Users with Paytm v6.4.0 who have recently used the integration can do the following if they want to verify that their balances are correct:

  1. Launch Paytm and open the “Passbook” to see if any Splitwise payments have been made since November 24th (Splitwise payments will show “For bills on” if you tap on a transaction)
  2. Launch Splitwise to check if these Paytm payments have been recorded. You may find it easiest to check from the Activity Tab.
  3. If you notice a missing payment, use our “record a cash payment” feature to manually record that payment to Splitwise. You may use the notes field to indicate the funds were actually sent via Paytm.

Update: As of 11/30, all potentially impacted users have been contacted by Splitwise support via email.

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Zoe Chaves

Product Manager at Splitwise.

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