Upgrades to our PayPal mobile integration

Splitwise is excited to announce that we’re upgrading our PayPal integrations on iOS and Android to the latest technology from PayPal. For the last couple months, we’ve been collaborating with the PayPal team to increase the usability, security, and reliability of our integration. These updates are starting to enter the final testing stages, and we’re looking forward to the transition.

As part of the upgrade process, the PayPal mobile integration will be temporarily unavailable on iOS and Android for several weeks starting this Friday, June 29th, 2018. (You will see an “under construction” message on the PayPal button.) During the upgrade, you can still use the PayPal integration on the Splitwise.com web app to pay friends normally. We expect the new integration will go live in early August.

When the new PayPal mobile integration is available, we’ll update our iPhone and Android apps and post an update to this blog post to announce the changes.

Change Log:

Updated 7/16 Updated to reflect expected launch date (early August 2018)

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Ryan Laughlin

Developer and designer for Splitwise, the site that makes sharing expenses easy.

9 thoughts on “Upgrades to our PayPal mobile integration”

    1. Thanks for your kind words Vishal, and apologies for any inconvenience. Please note the Splitwise+PayPal web integration is still live; you can settle Splitwise debts via PayPal by logging into splitwise.com and clicking “Settle up”. Cheers!

      1. How? I am trying to do just that. I click “settle up” but the only option I’m presented is cash payments now (no PayPal option).

  1. What other method of payment can be taken to PayPal is up and running again? I need to settle up and cash payment is not convenient right now.

    1. Hi Josh. You have a couple options:

      – Visit splitwise.com to settle your debts; the Splitwise+PayPal web integration is still functioning
      – Settle via PayPal directly, then use the Splitwise “record a cash payment” feature to update your balance (Settle up >> record a cash payment)
      – If you’re a Venmo user seeking to settle a USD-denominated debt, you should see the “settle with Venmo” option still; though PayPal and Venmo belong to the same company, our Venmo integration is still functioning at this time on all platforms

      If you need help please send a note to support@splitwise.com. Thanks!

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