Improvements to Delete Friend Functionality

Late last week, Ryan made a much-needed improvement to Splitwise’s delete friend functionality. Now, you can delete any friend as long as they’re not in a group with you.

Previously, Splitwise blocked you from deleting friends if you had ever added an expense outside of a group with them AND another friend. This was happening because deleting friends deleted all expense records between you two, and Splitwise wanted to block multi-party records from being deleted in case one of the parties on the expense wasn’t all settled up yet. Ryan built a work-around that will enable you to delete the friends you want, without obliterating a piece of someone else’s balance puzzle.

Published by

Zoe Chaves

Product Manager at Splitwise.

2 thoughts on “Improvements to Delete Friend Functionality”

  1. Dear Lauren, Sarah and other roomies at 227 Marlene. You have the wrong email address for Sean. Stop spamming me with Splitwise bills. I would think that — after 6 months of Sean not getting your emails and probably not paying his bills — you would figure this out, but I’m apparently overestimating you. If I knew what city 227 Marlene was in, I’d look you up, maybe check out the new curtains & stuff you’ve been buying. Instead I’ve just created a folder to send all Splitwise emails to the trash. Good luck getting your $ back from Sean.

    1. Hey Not Sean! Zoe from Splitwise here. So sorry you’ve been having this issue. They probably just made a typo when they input their roommate’s email address. If you get in touch with us at, we will happily make sure you never get Splitwise emails again.

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