The Never Ending Tale of Sadness: Starring Yahoo! Answers

Some of you may remember my terrible experience involving customer service at Yahoo! Answers. An account of mine was suspended, and I was unable to talk to a real person about my situation. After writing a blog post about the ordeal, I was contacted by a top tier customer service rep, and the issues I had were taken care of.

Fast forward 37 days. Over the weekend, without any warning, my account was suspended again. I emailed the address they gave in the email (which actually worked this time) asking for information on the suspension. I also cc’ed the Concierge Team I delt with previously to make sure someone saw my email. It’s been three days, and I have still yet to hear anything from anyone. Talk about frustrating!

Yahoo! Turning a Bad Customer Service Experience Around

Last week I wrote a blog post about a terrible customer service experience I had dealing with Yahoo! Answers.

On Friday I received an email in my Yahoo mailbox telling me my Yahoo! Answers account had been re-activated. I then received a call from a woman named Melinda, who wanted to talk about what happened with my Answers account and the blog post I wrote. Turns out that an executive read my post, and asked someone to reach out to me. He also personally wrote me to apologize about the appeals never getting responded to. Continue reading Yahoo! Turning a Bad Customer Service Experience Around

Yahoo Answers! – A Tale of Terrible Customer Service

Here at Splitwise we’re a small start up, which means that we don’t spend a ton of money on marketing and advertising. It’s something that we do ourselves through various outlets; one being answering questions on Yahoo! Answers when people ask about rental advice. It’s a good way to get our name out there, and get some visibility on our sweet rent calculator.

Well, it was a good way until last week. On Wednesday I woke up to my Yahoo mailbox looking like this:

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