Improvements to Delete Friend Functionality

Late last week, Ryan made a much-needed improvement to Splitwise’s delete friend functionality. Now, you can delete any friend as long as they’re not in a group with you.

Previously, Splitwise blocked you from deleting friends if you had ever added an expense outside of a group with them AND another friend. This was happening because deleting friends deleted all expense records between you two, and Splitwise wanted to block multi-party records from being deleted in case one of the parties on the expense wasn’t all settled up yet. Ryan built a work-around that will enable you to delete the friends you want, without obliterating a piece of someone else’s balance puzzle.

Android Tokenized Auto-Complete, a New Splitwise Open-Source Project

gmail autocomplete in Android 4
This is what we’re going for.

For the past few months, Splitwise has been hard at work making much-needed improvements to our Android app. We released a faster, less buggy build in late August, and since then we’ve devoted nearly all our developer resources to a pristine 3.0 candidate that we can’t wait to get into your hands.

To achieve Android awesomeness for 3.0, we needed to build a Gmail-style autocomplete field for selecting friends when creating expenses. I was expecting to find this fairly easy to do with the Android SDK. Lots of apps must need this need, and I was aware of the AutoCompleteTextView and MultiAutoCompleteTextView classes. How hard could it be?

The short answer: Pretty darn hard! Hopefully, not anymore. We’ve just released an open-source version of the code on GitHub! Go grab the Splitwise TokenAutoComplete project to have your own wonderful, tokenized autocomplete view up and running in about half an hour. It works on Android versions all the way back to 2.2 (Froyo). More on my process below the fold.  Continue reading Android Tokenized Auto-Complete, a New Splitwise Open-Source Project

Introducing Settle Up With Splitwise And Venmo

We’re excited to announce a payments integration you’ve been clamoring for: Splitwise and Venmo. As of today, iPhone users in the US will be able to directly settle up Splitwise debts using Venmo, as well as cash or PayPal.

New settle up screen
New settle up screen

Our goal has always been to include great, diverse payment options within Splitwise. Venmo was popularly requested in our user-fueled suggestion forums, and the folks at Venmo have provided a great new API and iPhone SDK to open their platform to us; it only seemed natural to use these developments as impetus to execute the often-requested integration.

Using Venmo within the Splitwise app works the same way as using Paypal. When you hit ‘Settle Up’, Venmo will be an option, joining the ‘Record a cash payment’ and ‘Pay with PayPal’ buttons.

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Because Settling Up Should Feel Really Good

It already feels pretty freaking great to pay your friends back, and Splitwise has just added a web feature that makes settling up even more satisfying.

You and Adorable Kitten are all settled up. Doesn't it feel good?

Now, when you’re completely settled up in a friendship, the page will display a fat green check mark instead of a past expenses sheet. All your old expenses are just a click away, but now they won’t crowd your screen- you’ll just see a beautiful check mark that quickly, clearly tells you you’re all settled up in that particular friendship.

See just the expenses that affect your current balance

When you add new expenses with that friend, the check mark will go away and the expense list generated will only show expenses added since the last settle up happened (ie. just the expenses that affect your current balance with that friend). We know that’s how you think about your outstanding balances with friends, and we’re excited to bring you this more intuitive and streamlined way of viewing expenses.   

Not only is this a sweet new feature that we hope you’ll love- it’s a reflection of our fundamental beliefs that sharing money with friends is awesome, and paying them back should be both easy and delightful. We hope you see that big green check mark and shout ‘wahoo’- you’re all settled up, and that’s really cool.

As always, please let us know what you think of the new feature. And please do note that it’s only available on web right now.

Splitwise Android 2.5: Halfway to Awesome Town

Hello wonderful Android users!

Splitwise Android friend view

You’ve been very patient as we’ve toiled to bring our Android app up to speed with the iPhone app in features and stability.

So, we’re incredibly excited to announce the release of a new version of the Splitwise for Android app. Most of the changes in this version are under the covers – the app is much faster and less buggy now. Admittedly it still looks like a copy of the iPhone app, but we’re going to work to change that over the next few months. This release is just the start of our path towards Android excellence, and we couldn’t be happier about showing you Droid users some love. Read more about the tip of the iceberg below the fold!  Continue reading Splitwise Android 2.5: Halfway to Awesome Town

The Splitwise API Is Here

Splitwise API clipart
“Building on Splitwise is fun,” says Clay Clipart, a fake developer at Google Image Search.

We’ve always hoped to give people the power to build new experiences on top of Splitwise, and we’re proud to announce today that we are releasing our first public API.

This will allow developers, Splitwise-lovers, and other companies to integrate with Splitwise. We’ve created an open-source API example, and published the instructions and documentation that we use internally. Check it out! Continue reading The Splitwise API Is Here

New “Divide A Bill” For The Web App

We’ve been dying to improve our “Divide A Bill” dialog box for months, and a preliminary version is finally ready! Take a look below, and please give us feedback or suggestions in the comments. We’ve been rolling it out slowly over the past few days, and all users will have it by early next week.

Now with auto-complete, and the ability to change the involved parties without clearing out data.
Now with auto-complete, and the ability to change the involved parties without clearing out data.

The form has been completely redesigned from scratch, with two killer new features.

  • You can add people into the “With’ field just like an email – without tons of clicking. SO much easier, and much more like the iPhone and Android apps.
  • Adding new people will automatically add them into the expense without clearing your existing data (a big complaint in the old version).

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